United states culture and U Guide - Resources and Review

A preservation program established to restore and make available collections of historical recordings of spoken word and music. Provides access to inspirational music, songs, poems, and speeches from countries around the world, as well as recordings from every US state. RealPlayer is required for some material.
Project providing information and resources to those teaching American studies and culture. Includes information about technology and learning, curriculum and reference and research.
Report examining the technology gap in America, considering race, education level and income as contributory factors to the digital divide. Discusses levels of telephone penetration, access to electronic services, Internet access and usage within various groups of the American population.
Images pertaining to the history of US advertising, arranged into categories including J Walter Thompson Company 'House Ads', Ellis Collection of Kodakiana, Scrapbooks, and Tobacco Advertising. Each category is fully browsable and searchable via an interface which highlights different types of illustrations and special features.
News stories from university press releases and sources such as Scientific American, CNN and the New York Times. Divided into archaeology, bioanthropology, social/cultural and breaking news. Although all articles are available at no cost, some require registration.
Information addressing constitutional issues, designed for classroom teaching. Material traces the development of America from 1754 to the present day, and is organised into categories including revolution and the new nation, expansion and reform, civil war and reconstruction, the development of the industrial United States, featuring details of patents for the telephone and electric lamp, the emergence of modern America, the great depression and World War II, and postwar and contemporary United States.
A report examining retirement attitudes of Americans born between 1946 and 1964, referred to as the 'baby boomers'. Examines the generation's plans and expectations for retirement, hobbies and family commitments, self
reliance, generational differences, optimism and ambivalence, polarisation within the baby boom generation, and their views on social security.
An interdisciplinary forum for scholars, activists, authors and artists interested in the 1960's and the effects of that decade on contemporary culture.
Detailed history and analysis of all variants of country music. Includes reviews of modern developments in the musical style such as alternative country and new traditionalism.
Washington Magazine Online, travel, tourism and lifestyle information.
Reports on a series of spontaneous interviews conducted by producer Ray Farkas and reporter Alex Chadwick who travelled around America using a handmade sign to invite people to share their stories. Footage is available as QuickTime video or in text format.
Historical information on the country music industry and exhibits from some of the most influential country artists and songs of the late 1920's through to the present. Traces the beginnings of country music through analyses and accounts of related styles, such as bluegrass and honky tonk. Includes a timeline with which to follow the evolution of the musical style, rare images, and sound and video clips.
Explores the Capitol building in Washington DC with narratives on both the building itself and the events represented in its art and architecture. American history and culture are depicted through images of paintings of the landing of Columbus and the discovery of the Mississippi, information on Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington, and links to national resources such as the Arlington National Cemetery, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum. A search engine and an archive of graphics arranged by artist and subject are provided.
Discusses how billboards, diners, motels, and petrol stations have changed the face of the United States' roadside landscape.
Information about the customs and history of the Mardi Gras parades held in New Orleans, USA. Includes history, images and parade schedule.
Explanantion of terms which differ in usage between American English and British English. A history of the English language is given, and differences in vocabulary, spelling and usage are highlighted.
Offers biographical information about the influential communist singer
songwriter and a searchable archive database containing, among other things, hundreds of rare and previously unpublished Guthrie lyrics, writings, and manuscripts. Also provides information on the work of the institution and future initiatives.
Online exhibition placing the debate on sweatshops in the garment industry in a historical context and exploring the factors that contribute to their existence today.
Full text report examining the impact of gambling, to establish whether or not social costs outweigh its economic benefits. Provides an overview of legal issues and government roles in gambling, outlines different types of gambling in the United States including lotteries, casinos, sports wagers and the Internet, offers information about gambling regulation, problem and the impact of pathological gambling on people and places.
Audio recordings of selected presentations from the Harvard Law School Forum made since the 1950s to the present day. Features a wide range of speakers including Martin Luther King Jr, Jimmy Hoffa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Billy Graham, Dr. Wernher Von Braun, Henry Kissinger, and Shimon Peres. Recordings are presented for download in Real Audio format, RealPlayer being required.
Public opinion newsletter offering US polling results on topics falling into three main categories
politics and policy, business / economy and the American scene, covering sport, Hollywood and health issues. Additional resources include articles on public opinion and survey research.
Ongoing digital library initiative providing primary source materials from the Library including digital versions of books, manuscripts, photographs and engravings. Includes Images of African Americans from the 19th Century, African American Women Writers of the 19th Century, Selected Clips from the Louis Armstrong Jazz Oral History Project, A War in Perspective, 1898
1998: The Spanish-American Conflict, Moving Uptown: Nineteenth-century Views of Manhattan and Dry Drunk: The Culture of Tobacco in 17th- and 18th-Century Europe.
A non
profit organisation to promote and preserve Chinese and Chinese-American history and culture through community outreach activities.
Offers biographies of American artists and illustrators, including Charles Falls, Robert Henri, Edward Penfield, and Jessie Wilcox
Delivers news, reviews, articles, relevant links, and audio clips pertaining to Americana and country music. Also contains an Americana songbook detailing hundreds of lyrics and chords for songs written by Americana and country music artists.
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