United states elections and U Guide - Resources and Review

Full text article discussing the 2000 US election fiasco, underlying reasons, and possible solutions. Suggests a more up to date electoral procedure by introducing two methods of computerised voting, foreseen problem areas, and associated research currently underway.
Provides documents on the history of each American Presidential election from 1789 to the present day. Information is sorted by year and gives data on the popular and electoral votes, as well as states won, images, graphs, maps, and tables of results. Also provides sections on the electoral college, disputed results, and a complete overview of the 2000 election.
Examines the results of the 2000 US Presidential election from a Democratic perspective, arguing that majority support among the electorate for progressive themes and issues did not sufficiently translate to support for Al Gore. Concludes that the power and relevance of these themes was diminished in 2000 by factors such as trust, issue blurring, and a cultural reaction to the problems of Clinton's presidency.
Resource guide from Information Please, part of the Family Education Network. InfoPlease aims to combine the contents of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and almanacs with statistics, facts, and historical records. Includes a variety of information on American presidential elections, both recent and historical. Topics are numerous; election chronologies, vote summaries, residency requirements, voter turnouts, lists of states and populations, national political conventions, plurality and majority, unusual results, and general facts.
Collection of articles relating to election campaign finance in the US, covering the history of political finance, current structures, details of Supreme court cases, reform proposals and legislation, and methods of tracking political donations.
Presents a history of US Presidential election campaign commercials from 1952 to the present day. Material is offered in RealVideo format, and can be accessed chronologically, or by common advert theme such as attack ads, family man, or looking presidential.
Created to administer and enforce the Federal Election Campaign Act which was designed to ensure that candidates in federal elections were not, or did not appear to be, beholden to a narrow group of people. Includes information about candidates, parties and other committees.
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