United states history from 1900 and U Guide - Resources and Review

Information on the life and journeys of America's first lady and social reformer, Eleanor Roosevelt. Provides synopses and transcripts of films, a discussion about the influence of fashion on women's changing social role, and a historical background of the Progressive Movement, the battle for suffrage, and the Detroit Race Riots of 1943. Also contains biographical details of Franklin Delano and Theodore Roosevelt, Louis Howe, Mary McLeod Bethune, and Marian Anderson.
Since August 1968, the Television News Archive has systematically recorded, abstracted, and indexed US television newscasts. This database is the guide to the Vanderbilt University collection of network television news progams.
Details the sequence of events leading to the resignation of Richard M. Nixon as President of the United States in 1974. Provides a profile and timeline tracing the development of the scandal, and presents the articles of impeachment against the President and a number of important speeches from the period. These include Nixon's resignation address, and President Gerald Ford's subsequent pardon of his predecessor. Also features speculation on the identity of the contact responsible for passing information in the case to journalist Carl Woodward.
Resource designed to accompany a television broadcast tracing the agriculture industry in America, and considering the plight of black farmers. Offers a timeline of events dating back to 1863, stories and remembrances from individuals with direct experience of the farming lifestyle, and a selection of poetry taken from the film.
History of and guide to the Central Intelligence Agency, discussing American intelligence before the Second World War, key dates and the foundation of the agency, its directors and their responsibilities, CIA medals, and legislative and executive oversight of intelligence.
Collection of the correspondence and writings of James Madison, renowned for his public service as 'Father of the Constitution' and as the fourth President of the United States. Provides a biography, details of published volumes, reviews, a bibliography, and also describes the editing process undertaken during the development of the collection.
Explanation and analysis of the 42
day Persian Gulf War in 1991, between the USA and Iraq. Includes archive information, news articles and personal comment.
Archive of books, manuscripts, audio
visual materials, motion pictures, recording and photographs relating to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Audio recordings of selected presentations from the Harvard Law School Forum made since the 1950s to the present day. Features a wide range of speakers including Martin Luther King Jr, Jimmy Hoffa, Eleanor Roosevelt, Billy Graham, Dr. Wernher Von Braun, Henry Kissinger, and Shimon Peres. Recordings are presented for download in Real Audio format, RealPlayer being required.
Collection of audio resources of speeches and lectures delivered on the Berkeley campus by notable figures such as Malcolm X, Noam Chomsky, Umberto Eco, Robert Frost, Margaret Mead, Michel Foucault, and the leaders of the Free Speech Movement. Also includes historic speeches by Richard Nixon, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr.
Searchable collection of photographs and slides documenting the internment of Japanese and Japanese Americans evacuated from California, Oregon, and Washington by the War Relocation Authority during World War II. Includes over 600 photographs by Dorothea Lange.
Collection of resources about the Calvin Coolidge presidency and the American economy of the 1920s, including written materials, photographs, audio files of Calvin Coolidge's speeches, and several volumes of his personal papers. Also offers background information, analyses and historical resources on topics such as merchandising and advertising, African Americans and consumerism, and poverty in the 1920s.
A travel itinerary of properties related to the modern US civil rights movement. The itinerary can be reviewed by property, state, or a clickable US map.
Academic library housing speeches, performances, lectures, interviews, and broadcasts recorded over the last 100 years. Includes American presidential resources, and recordings of readings from prominent Michigan writers. RealAudio is required and can be downloaded free of charge.
NPBA brings together the archival record of the major entities of non
commercial radio and television broadcasting in the US.
Digital film archive, news and events, exhibitions, awards and educational materials about films and the film industry.
Full text of political orations of the past hundred years in American history from Booker T Washington to Elie Wiesel, together with a timeline of 20th century events. Contains discussion of classical rhetorical terms and devices, a critics' primer of selected speeches, and a facility for students to practice delivering speeches by reading from a mock teleprompter.
Provides links to other civil rights, African American and Martin Luther King Internet sites. The rest of the Seattle Times site can be accessed, which includes newspaper articles reflecting on the life and achievements of King.
Full text publication issued by the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of John F Kennedy. Offers transcripts of testimonies and affidavits given before the Commission, an article about J Lee Rankin who may have been a conspiracist, a memo released by the CIA advising employees on answers to be given to the Commission, an account of Marina Oswald's testimony, and a document from the Attorney General on how to report the findings to the public.
Advertisements which appeared in US newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955, covering beauty and hygiene, radio, television, transportation, and World War II. Each category has a brief history and can be browsed by topic and year, or searched by keyword or illustration.
Over 45,000 images from American history 1935
1945. Can be searched by state, by subject, or by creator index. Subjects include farming, schooling, rural towns, small towns and ranches.
Set of primary and secondary documents written about the life of Martin Luther King. Biographies, a chronology, articles and photographs are included, along with a selection of Martin Luther King's own papers.
Biographical information, quotes, and full text speeches pertaining to, and delivered by, the prominent civil rights activist. Also gives details of Martin Luther King day, as celebrated in the US on the third Monday in January.
Collection of photographs by photographer Fred Maroon, who was granted access to the Nixon Whitehouse for nine months in 1970 to take photos for a behind
the-scenes book, and continued to document the administration over the next four years, culminating in the Watergate proceedings and Nixon's resignation. The photographs are grouped by chronological theme, including the re-election campaign, the Watergate hearings and the final days of the administration with explanatory text and quotes from a 1998 oral history interview with Maroon. Other features include an interactive timeline and notes on the exhibit.
Collection of audio materials relating to US politics and political history. Each resource is accompanied by name of speaker, date of delivery, subject, and, where available, a written transcript. Material can be browsed according to date, speaker, and title, or searched by keyword.
Historical narrative of the US perspective on the last years of the Soviet Empire, and a compendium of declassified intelligence documents created during the Soviet collapse.
Material from two American Folklife Centre collections that explore America's quilting traditions, including photos and recorded interviews with quiltmakers. Users can search the collections by keyword, browse by quiltmaker or subject, or browse galleries of photos and sound recordings directly.
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