United states law and U Guide - Resources and Review

Set of articles, departments and columns for legal professionals written by law librarians, attorneys, information technology specialists and legal technology consultants. Covers research, management and technology in the legal field. Also features KeyCite
a citation database and case finder.
Provides an overview of abortion law in the US, details of core cases, and accounts of constitutional, federal, and canon law. Includes background information about state laws, a glossary of legal terms related to termination of pregnancy, and full text transcripts of notable cases which can be downloaded as zip files or accessed as audio files online.
Index of legal, judicial, and government information including law journals and publishers, book reviews, continuing legal education resources, and political material.
Legal professional association. Provides information for members, those in the legal community, and the general public. Topics covered include domestic violence, mental and physical disability law, and children and the law.
The Institute specialises in all areas of the UK Mental Health Act 1983 and related legislation. It provides legal services to several trusts who provide care to patients with both mental illness and learning disabilities. Includes research and journal articles on the subject, and details of court cases.
Primary materials including statutes and judicial opinions, current legislation, cases and issues, and an overview of copyright law. Collaboration between Stanford University Libraries, the Council on Library Resources, and FindLaw Internet Legal Resources.
Searchable database of US Government Federal Regulations. The database is searchable by; CFR title number, CFR title and part number, and CFR Title, Part and Page number, by keyword, or by title. The database also allows searching for updates to CFRs found in the database.
Discusses a wide range of US and international communications and information issues, including telecommunications, the First Amendment, broadcasting, telephony, computers, intellectual property, communications and information policy making, and related fields.
The documents consist primarily of scientific studies on the addicitve nature of nicotine and other health effects of tobacco smoke. The materials have been the subject of a suit in San Francisco Superior Court in which Brown & Williamson sought to permanently remove the disputed material from the Library. After further legal discussion the California Supreme Court rejected the appeal made by the company allowing UCSF to release the documents.
A forum for critical examination of the laws, regulations and policies related to drugs, health care technologies and food.
Index of full text US Federal and State statutes and law reports.
Report from the American Civil Liberties Union highlighting perceived positive and negative developments in civil liberties in the USA during 1999. Covers topics such as crime and punishment, education, health and medicine, law and order, privacy, and religion.
The purpose of ALSO is to provide a comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to all online sources of American law, including Canadian and Mexican law as well as federal and state law for the United States.
Provides access to resources produced at the University of Oklahoma Law Centre such as American Indian Law Review, and the Native American Constitution and Law Digitisation Project. Also offers a selection of tribal, historical and cultural resources related to American Indians.
Through the issue of patents, USPTO encourages technological advancement by providing incentives to invent, invest in, and disclose new technology worldwide. Offers online access to a range of general reference documents, directories, and data collections.
Annotated listing of copyright resources, with a particular focus on the US. Categories include the copyright act, fair use guidelines, licensing, citing sources, libraries and copyright, and copyright protection in the digital age.
Catalogue of scholarly and out
of-print books for mail order, mainly from the 20th century and with a US focus.
Compendium of brief advice on fifteen topics about US law, including small businesses, patents, copyright, trademarks, legal research, wills and estate planning.
Campaigning organisation with information on the church and state, criminal justice, the death penalty, free speech, lesbian and gay rights, and racial equality, among other topics.
Collection of legal resources including research tools, answers to legal questions and links to information on a range of legal topics such as law enforcement, legal forms and sexual harassment. Also hosts the Internet Law Library.
Links to many of the searchable US legal services. Subjects covered include judicial opinions, legislation, federal regulation and people in law.
Provides US legal news and headlines.
Offers access to the US Federal Justice Statistics Program (FJSP) database containing information about suspects and defendants processed in each stage of the Federal criminal justice system in a given year. A data dictionary identifies and describes the variables in the database and organises data according to suspects and defendants entering, leaving or pending a stage of criminal case processing.
Resource for legal professionals practising American law. Contains a free searchable database of Federal and State Case Law, legal forms available for download, and links to more specialised law resources on the Web.
An audio adaptation of a video trilogy which documents the history of abortion rights in the US. It begins when abortion was illegal, tells the story of the fight for safe abortions, and describes the laws surrounding abortion in the US today.
Offers original articles and features about current legal issues in the USA, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include abortion, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), affirmative action, cyberspace, copyright and trademark issues, the death penalty, family law, immigration law, legal education, antitrust law and the Year 2000 problem.
A service provided by the Library of Congress and making Federal legislative information available on the Internet. Provides access to databases, Bills, the Congressional record, information on the legislative process and access to US Government Internet resources.
Searchable database of US laws in force, divided into fifty subject categories, each individually searchable.
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