United states presidency and U Guide - Resources and Review

Outlines the medical history of American Presidents, focusing on notable instances of ill health. Covers Vice
Presidents and Presidential candidates.
Graphical and numerical guide to presidential elections in the USA, showing voting trends and results. A news service detailing elections worldwide is also provided.
Biographical information on US presidents by year of service from 1789 to the present day. Additional resources include White House tours of artworks, the Blue Room, and current offices.
Details the campaign of the Republican party candidate George W. Bush in the run up to the November 2000 Presidential Election.
Alphabetical listing of presidential Web resources covering assassinations, biographies, first ladies, nicknames, portraits, powers and limitations, quotes, and salaries. Also presents a list of information related to specific Presidents.
Encyclopedia Americana set of articles on US presidents, the presidency and American politics. Includes biographies of presidents, vice
presidents and first ladies and articles on individual subject areas such as the constitution, elections and congress.
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