Universities and colleges worldwide and U Guide - Resources and Review

Pointers to the home pages of thousands of colleges and universities in 77 countries. Alphabetical and geographic listings are available for browsing.
Links to thousands of universities worldwide, organised by country.
List of all institutions that are members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, as well as other institutions that offer full
time study at the university credit level.
Portal offering databases of European universities, courses available, and entry requirements, together with profiles of individual countries and cities, their educational systems, cultures, and maps. Advice from education professionals and an InterEdu newsletter are also available.
Index to virtual tours, pictures, and information about US university campuses. This site may be useful for those planning to teach or study in the United States.
Information about degrees, courses, and programs offered at public colleges and universities, independent institutions, and state
approved private postsecondary and vocational programs throughout California.
Links to universities throughout Austria and to ACOnet, the Austrian academic computer network.
Links to US university home pages, in alphabetical order.
APHEN aims to provide a means of extending and enhancing mutually beneficial links between higher education institutions in the Asia Pacific region and provide increased opportunities for collaboration in teaching and research, particularly in key areas related to sustainable development. There are links to conference papers and research groups.
Links to universities and colleges in Sweden.
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