Vegetarianism and V Guide - Resources and Review

Concerned with the promotion and representation of vegetarianism by providing a variety of resources reflecting ethical, historical, and literary issues. The FAQ's, recipes, listing of famous vegetarians, and a youth page provide additional information, available in numerous languages including German, Spanish, French and Italian.
The Vegan Society which promotes ways of living which avoid the use of animal products, for the benefit of people, animals and the environment, and provides numerous online information sheets about nutrition, lifestyle, health and related issues, such as veganism during pregnancy and throughout childhood, vegan cats and kittens, bees and honey, genetic engineering, and information about alcohol, BSE, leather and fur, osteoporosis, vitamins, and vivisection.
Offers a definition of vegetarianism, describes how recommended quantities of substances such as protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin B12 can be met, and provides links to a range of vegetarian literature, teaching materials, and recipes. Also suggests ideas for egg replacers, dairy substitutes, and meat alternatives in stews and soups.
Resource examining the philosophical and ethical background of veganism. Offers a selection of essays and articles addressing the lifestyle, written from psychological and behavioural viewpoints.
Organisation established to promote a way of life free of animal products. Presents arguments for becoming vegan, society news and information sheets covering health, nutrition, and lifestyle, publications, and links to manufacturers of vegan products including foods, drinks, toiletries, cosmetics, health and household items, and clothing.
An educational resource concentrating on promoting a vegetarian lifestyle and the rights for farmed animals. Contains information on the organisation's campaigns, publications, and news releases.
Offers society news and press releases, a selection of recipes from the Cordon Vert cooking school, links to local vegetarian groups within the UK, related business opportunities, tips for newcomers to the meat free way of life, health and nutrition information, and benefits to the animal world and the environment.
Provides a definition of a vegan, explains the philosophy behind the lifestyle choice, and discusses the importance and requirements of a nutritional diet. Also offers suggestions of products which may be substituted for dairy substances.
Directory of vegetarian
related resources addressing the benefits of a meat free diet, associated philosophies, and religious viewpoints. Provides links to books, criticisms of meat eating, FAQs, mailing lists, organisations, quotations, and statistics concerning vegetarianism.
Essays covering four key areas relating to animal rights, namely factory farms, laboratory experimentation, the fashion industry (fur and leather), and the entertainment industry. Also provides information on PETA campaigns and vegetarianism.
Collection of meat free recipes suitable for everyday eating, special occasions, and ideal for summer or winter meals. Recipe book catalogues are available via email request.
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