Vietnam war and V Guide - Resources and Review

Established to assist researchers interested in investigating the US Government documents pertaining to US military personnel listed as unaccounted for as of December 1991. The title of this collection is Correlated and Uncorrelated Information Relating to Missing Americans in Southeast Asia.
A bibliography of the Vietnam war divided into three major sections
microfilmed collections, general publications, and government publications. These sections are subdivided and many entries are annotated.
Present bibliographies of cinematic, and factual and fictional printed works relating to the Vietnam war. Topics covered include post
traumatic stress, teaching materials relating to the war, and the Vietnamese perspective on the conflict. Also offers a chronology, and a listing of general wartime characteristics.
An Internet resource of US veterans of war, featuring news and information of interest of the military or veteran community, support information, veterans surveys, details of legislation affecting veterans.
Set of documents exploring how US diplomats and the military differ on the use of forceful interventions in the post
Vietnam era. Features biographies and interviews with US ambassador Richard Holbrooke and Admiral Leighton Smith, who commanded NATO forces in Bosnia. Also includes information on uses of military force, nation building in Bosnia, lessons learned from Vietnam, and a chronology of US military interventions in the last 30 years.
An interdisciplinary forum for scholars, activists, authors and artists interested in the 1960's and the effects of that decade on contemporary culture.
Provides historical data covering aspects of Vietnamese culture and military operations during the Vietnam War, including army, airforce, naval and allied involvement. Additional resources include an extensive photo gallery, and memorabilia representing artefacts such as medals and propagandist material.
Primary documents and annotated links relating to twentieth
century genocide. Topics covered include The Jewish Holocaust, War Crimes and Criminals, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Rwanda and Burundi, Vietnam, and World War II. Definitions and controversies of genocide are included.
Aimed at school teachers and students. Presents a comprehensive guide to the Vietnam War including projects and investigations, an interview area where students can select someone involved in the conflict and conduct interviews by email and a directory of Vietnam war sites.
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