Viking archaeology and V Guide - Resources and Review

Description of an experiment to reconstruct the Anglo
Saxon and Viking art of making charcoal by controlled wood burning in a specially constructed clamp.
Information about the trust's historical and archaeological research, the Jorvik Viking Centre and the Archaeological Resource Centre.
Short description of Anglo
Saxon and Viking swords.
Illustrated article on the use and production of glass by the Saxons and Vikings.
Collection of articles on Norwegian history and culture including the Vikings, the Sami of Norway, Norway and World War II and guidance on how to trace Norwegian ancestors.
Viking history, facts, myths, a Viking quiz, details of Viking projects and events.
Reports on a project to investigate an Anglian and Anglo
Scandinavian settlement at Cottam in the Yorkshire Wolds.
Short article describing the importance of iron to the Anglo
Saxons and Vikings.
Fully searchable database, providing information pertaining to the worldwide social, economic, and cultural influence of the Viking peoples. Includes general information such as a chronology, maps, images, and a who's who of the Viking world. Also offers access to a full text PDF magazine and articles, as well as more specific details on projects, museums, and excavations.
Collection of links to visual and information resources on Nordic countries and the Vikings. Includes digitised images, photographs of archaeological sites and artifacts, brief articles, and online museum exhibitions. Available in various Nordic languages also.
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