Virology and V Guide - Resources and Review

Tutorial on molecular virology, covering basic definitions of the topic through to more complex issues such as virus architecture, genomic replication strategies of viruses, and virus classification.
weekly journal including original research in molecular biology, biochemistry, cancer research, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, immunology, neurobiology, plant biology, structural biology and virology. Table of contents and abstracts online.
The HIV sequence database collects, curates, analyses, and publishes genetic sequences of HIV
1, HIV-2, SIV, and related animal retroviruses.
Lists approved virus names alphabetically and according to nucleic acid and general host range, describes virus orders, families, genera and type species, and provides related images. Covers animal, plant, bacterial, fungal, and archaean viruses.
The Garry Laboratory provides links to a wide range of virology related resources, including general virology, specific viruses, microbiology, AIDS, emerging viruses, and electronic journals.
Collection of instructional aids for teaching virology and other resources in molecular biology.
Bacteriophages are viruses whose hosts are bacterial cells. They are metabolically inert in their extracellular form and they reproduce by insinuating themselves into the metabolism of the host. Includes pages indexed by family, as defined by genome type and virion morphology, resources for teachers and a brief history of bacteriophage research.
Pages designed to provide an introductory manual for students of virology. Includes principles of virus architecture, details of how images are created by negative staining electron microscopy, and a set of images of DNA
containing viruses and RNA-containing viruses.
Provides images of virus structures and documentation for programs used in the determination of icosahedral structures and the processing of cryo
electron micrographs.
Index to numerous microbiology and virology resources, including journals, publishing and literature resources, societies, communities and organisations.
Monthly journal publishing research concerning viruses, providing fundamental new information using cross
disciplinary approaches of biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, genetics, immunology, molecular biology, morphology, physiology, and pathogenesis and immunity. Sections include: Viral and Cellular Oncogenes, Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity, Virus-Cell Interactions, Animal Viruses, Bacterial Viruses, Plant Viruses, Protozoan and Fungal Viruses, and Gene Therapy.
Set of links to journals relevant to microbiology. Some have only subscription information online, others have tables of contents, abstracts or full text.
Journal that offers reviews of developments in clinical microbiology and immunology, covering the fields of bacteriology, virology, mycology, and parasitology. Abstracts and tables of contents available.
Computer visualisations of viruses, topographical maps, interactive visualisations of viruses, and protein data bank files.
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