Virtual reality and V Guide - Resources and Review

Details of the conference program, video recordings of presentations, and proceedings in HTML, PDF or Word 97 format, with PowerPoint slides. Proceedings cover Content Creation and Learning in Virtual Universities, Modern High
Speed Access and Next Generation Local Infrastructure, Remote Virtual Reality, Internet QoS, Telematics for Research, Digital Libraries and Networked Information Resources, High-Speed Networks, Web tools, Charging Mechanisms, AUP, Control and Authorization, Photonic Networks and IP Telephony.
Centres aiming to provide a service to the art and design sector of higher education.
Description of the therapy which involves exposing the patient to a virtual environment containing the feared stimulus, and list of related publications.
Online version of the magazine dealing with 3D graphics, CAD, animation, visualisation, virtual reality and multimedia. Includes tables of contents of the latest issue, and an archive of previous issues from 1995 onwards, with selected articles available online.
VRML is a standard language for describing interactive 3
D objects and worlds delivered across the Internet. The VRML Repository is an impartial, comprehensive resource for the dissemination of information relating to VRML. It contains examples of VRML in various disciplines including chemistry and geography.
Demonstrates the use of virtual reality techniques, combined with high performance models, for virtual testing of the behaviour of laminate composite materials.
Developing standard interfaces and testing methodologies.
An attempt to describe the technologies and techniques being used to produce virtual reality applications.
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