Visualisation and V Guide - Resources and Review

Article focusing on aspects of information retrieval including automatic extraction of key concepts or names, collaborative filtering, visualisation techniques, and classification and clustering. Topics are discussed in relation to information retrieval history and the development of the Web.
Details of numerical software libraries for the solution of mathematical problems, statistical software, compilers and tools, visualisation software, symbolic software and simulation software.
Peer reviewed journal covering research and application issues in many fields, including statistics, databases, pattern recognition and learning, data visualisation, uncertainty modelling, data warehousing, optimisation, and high performance computing.
Computer visualisations of viruses, topographical maps, interactive visualisations of viruses, and protein data bank files.
Details of a programme to investigate the impact of technologies on higher education and develop applications in support of the JISC strategy. Several reports are available online. Topics covered include visualisation, virtual and remote environments, cluster computing, collaborative and distance working, videoconferencing, use of IT to support the management of institutions, affordable provision of computers for students, presentation technologies, central timetabling by computer, electronic diaries, and use of a multi
purpose smart card.
Information about JWAVE, a visualisation and computational environment consisting of three components: the JWAVE Server, the JWAVE Client Development kit and PV
WAVE. Can be used to create graphic and numeric visualization applications written in Java.
The Whole Frog project is intended to introduce the concepts of computer based 3D visualisation and to demonstrate the power of whole body, 3D imaging of anatomy as a curriculum tool. It aims to offer biology students the ability to explore the anatomy of a frog and visualize the anatomical structures of the intact using data from high resolution MRI imaging, mechanical sectioning, 3D surface and volume rendering.
An archive of online technical reports on graphics and visualisation, plus illustrations from current projects such as the Virtual Gorilla project.
Project which aims to provide teachers and students with online resources specially designed to support project
based inquiry.
National visualisation, animation, and video service, free of charge for the UK academic community. Video sequences can be created from a range of sources, including digital images and analogue video tape. Possible output format includes video tape, QuickTime, AVI or MPEG files, CD, Video CD or CD
I. Details of software, training, procedures, file formats, and complementary services are available online.
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