Warfare and W Guide - Resources and Review

A collection of facts relating to the Third Reich including information on groups and organisations within Nazi Germany such as Deutsche Jungvolk (DJ) and Hitler Jugend (HJ). Covers the branches of the German military, Germany's allies, and the Holocaust. Also provides details of flags and ranks within various divisions of the German army, and features the political and private wills of Adolf Hitler.
Aims to maintain and promote awareness of the Falklands War by providing a relevant news service, a time line of significant events leading up to, and during the conflict, and a remembrance page with biographical information pertaining to veterans and Falkland Islanders.
Stories from surviving soldiers of the Gulf War, including British soldier Andy McNab, with timelines, maps, audio files, and a report on Gulf War syndrome.
Interviews, analysis, and a transcript and video segment from a May 1998 interview with Bin Laden, offering a critical review of his life experiences, motives, and current activities. The stories of two men indicted for the East Africa embassy bombings, the FBI investigation of the bombings and the missile strikes, and the fallout among Muslims in America are also explored.
Project studying the economic causes and consequences of civil war and violent crime in developing countries. Outlines the motivation underlying the project, sets out the major topics, and presents working papers, relevant data sets, and the electronic Conflict Online Newsletter.
Offers primary data chronicling the 1933
1945 Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, providing information on World War II and the Great Depression period. Photographic, sound, and video materials have been digitised and include images of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. Also features information on diplomatic dealings between the United States and Germany and the Vatican prior to America entering World War II.
Designed as a Web companion to the film of the same name, this resource details the Spanish
American war of 1898, which is credited with being the first media war, and the war that established the United States as an imperial world power. Features a transcript of the film, a time-line of events prior to and after the war, and galleries providing headlines, cartoons, and sheet music from the period.
Documents the Royal Air Force battle fought between 10th July and 31st October 1940. Provides a diary of daily events, a calendar of reports, video footage of aircraft employed by the RAF, Luftwaffe, and the Reggia Aeronautica, and information about commanders, units, and stations.
Official Web site of the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense. Includes general information about the Pentagon, tour information, schedules, statistics, and a chronology of the building.
Collection of essays, which explore the concept of applying themes from manoeuvre conflict to business strategy. Concentrates on the writing of John R Boyd whose theory of OODA loop speed is applied to the isolation of the opposition, shaping and being successful in the marketplace, and instigating mutual trust between customers and businesses. Featured authors include Jonathan Shay, Dr Linda P Beckerman and Franklin C Spinney.
Set of documents exploring how US diplomats and the military differ on the use of forceful interventions in the post
Vietnam era. Features biographies and interviews with US ambassador Richard Holbrooke and Admiral Leighton Smith, who commanded NATO forces in Bosnia. Also includes information on uses of military force, nation building in Bosnia, lessons learned from Vietnam, and a chronology of US military interventions in the last 30 years.
Project established in 1999 to educate the general public and concerned professionals about international humanitarian law, with emphasis on the Geneva Convention. Offers an online magazine, a timeline of IHL treaties and conventions, and a collection of essays and expert analyses on a range of international topics.
Explanation and analysis of the 42
day Persian Gulf War in 1991, between the USA and Iraq. Includes archive information, news articles and personal comment.
Project providing an archive of proceedings and other key documentation from the Nuremberg War Crimes trials. Features documents detailing Nazi conspiracy and aggression, the trial of the major war criminals before the International Military Tribunal, and the trials of German war criminals.
Set of lectures concerned with political crises around the world. Subjects covered include economics, terrorism, warfare and foreign policy.
Features background information, articles, and reference information on on
going military procedures. Also offers coverage of historical operations including Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and NATO involvement in Bosnia and Kosovo.
Contains articles, research, editorials, papers, and other documents pertaining to the present situation in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Individual resources are selected by academics, policy makers and scientists and include special reports delivered by the United Nations and the latest reports relating to the status of weapons inspections in Iraq. Also contains links to news coverage from around the world, including the Guardian, BBC News, Washington Post, The Observer, Eurasian Insight, and The Global Affairs Commentary.
Primary research faculty of the US Army War College. Research studies deal with topics having strategic implications for the army, the Department of Defense, and the larger national security community.
Documents the US
Mexican conflict from both perspectives, offering essays by historians, transcripts of conversations, and a timeline of key events in US-Mexican relations from 1519 until 1997. Available in English and Spanish.
Primary documents and annotated links relating to twentieth
century genocide. Topics covered include The Jewish Holocaust, War Crimes and Criminals, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Rwanda and Burundi, Vietnam, and World War II. Definitions and controversies of genocide are included.
Aims to disseminate information on the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC), and related chemical and biological warfare issues. Includes the full text of several briefing papers.
The War Times journal is an online magazine and archive, dealing in military history, archives, articles and illustrations. Includes sections on events, weapons, militaria, tactics and memoirs.
News items documenting the international debate on conflict. Includes information about the Balkans, the Caucasus and other areas in Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union. Features crisis reports, tribunal updates, project information and archives of past bulletins.
Covers conflicts involving Britain and the Commonwealth since 1914. Exhibits include a Battle of Britain Spitfire, a V2 rocket and a German one
man Biber submarine. Art galleries display works by twentieth century war artists and the First and Second World Wars are illustrated by film, photographs, diaries, letters, mementoes, firearms, medals, badges, printed material and sound recordings.
Provides historical data covering aspects of Vietnamese culture and military operations during the Vietnam War, including army, airforce, naval and allied involvement. Additional resources include an extensive photo gallery, and memorabilia representing artefacts such as medals and propagandist material.
Commemorates Australian men and women who have served in war, giving an overview of Australian military history, an insight into the structure of Australia's forces, and military statistics. Also provides databases covering the Memorial's collections, online exhibitions, educational services, and family history research resources.
Concentrates on military operations involving British troops since the end of the second World War. Focuses on conflicts including that in India and the Gulf War, as well as Britain's role in peace keeping missions. Information covers background resources, conflict over land, air and sea, allies, and military machinery.
Offers information about organisations designated as terrorist groups by the US government in 1999, explaining the criteria for designation and subsequent legal effects. Provides details of aliases, activities, and areas of operation for each organisation, a definition of terrorist activity, and answers to a series of frequently asked questions.
Provides news and background information on Afghanistan. Includes an interactive map offering a number of different views of the country, with details of cities and attacks, ethnic groupings, drought and vegetation, and Northern Alliance, Taliban, and refugee positions.
Proceedings of a court case brought against Adolf Eichmann, for crimes against Jewish people and humanity. Includes full text of district court sessions, establishing his role in the 'Final Solution', testimony taken abroad, the court's judgement and a subsequent appeal against conviction.
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