Water management and W Guide - Resources and Review

An interactive map pinpoints specific lakes around the world and details watershed characteristics, geological history, biological characteristics, and the human history of each area. Agricultural, urban, and open space issues, such as fisheries and habitat conservation, are discussed, and solutions to such problems are presented. A discussion forum is also provided for enthusiasts.
Extensive collection of documents and facts sheets about US water resources, nationally and by state.
Extensive resources in irrigation and hydrology. Arranged by topic including links to research, software, projects, discussion lists, organisations, irrigation and drought management, water resources and research.
AGSO's responsibilities are to provide geoscientific maps, research and information to support sustainable development of Australia's mineral and petroleum industries, management of the Australian Ocean Territory, identification and mitigation of geological hazards, and sustainable management of Australia's land and groundwater resources.
Handbook written for non
economists involved in the planning, preparation, implementation, and management of water supply projects. Case studies are used to illustrate each topic, such as demand analysis and forecasting, least-cost analysis, financial and economic benefit-cost analysis, and financial sustainability and pricing. Chapters are available for download as PDF files.
Information about global warming in 50 US states, summarising expected climate change. Also includes details of human health, water resources, agriculture, forests and ecosystems.
Tables, figures and maps depicting freshwater supply and withdrawal, and desalination capacity by country. Includes links to organisations, institutions, and individuals working in the fields of environmental development, water efficiency, sanitation, and public health.
Interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of water development and management in both industrialised and Third World countries. Contents focus on the practical implementation of policies for water resources development. Articles range in approach from applied geographical analysis to the examination of strategic, economic and social issues. Tables of contents provided.
Tables of contents of 25 civil engineering journals, covering Aerospace Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Cold Regions Engineering, Composites for Construction, Computing in Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, Energy Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Hydrologic Engineering, Infrastructure Systems, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Management in Engineering, Materials in Civil Engineering, Performance of Constructed Facilities, Professional Issues in Engineering Education & Practice, Structural Engineering, Surveying Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Urban Planning and Development, Water Resources Planning and Management, Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering.
Documents describing the natural conditions of the Florida Everglades under the headings hydrology, geology and biology, with information on endangered species such as the Florida Panther and the Snail Kite. Also provides information on anthropogenic effects on the Everglades ecosystem such as the development of the current water management system in south Florida and the creation of parks, refuges and preserves.
Database of bibliographic records covering materials dating from the 16th century to the present. Encompasses all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines, including plant and animal sciences, forestry, entomology, soil and water resources, alternative farming practices and agricultural economics, products and engineering.
Discusses the political role of water in the Jordan River Basin, and relates politics and conflict to water resources. Also covers water in Southern Africa, and general topics related to water, international conflict and cooperation and sources of international water law.
Free plumbing and central heating advice for the DIY enthusiast. Offers tips on how to fix taps, washing machines, and a non
flushing toilet. Also outlines how best to remove a radiator, insulate pipes, select tools, and explains the differences between a range of heating systems. The author offers a costed tuition service for those who may need additional help.
Source of plumbing advice suited to both professionals and laymen. Provides a care and repair handbook, advice on handling common problems, and a selection of media stories relating to the industry. The history of plumbing is traced from ancient times through to more recent inventions such as Spirotherm's Air Eliminator, Halsey Taylor's Combination Coolers, and Wirsbo PEX Tubing.
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