Web page design and W Guide - Resources and Review

Exhibition of art work designed for incorporation into Web pages. Exhibits include a set of brightly coloured navigational buttons, images related to the time of day, graphics for online magazines and images which can be manipulated through mouseovers and clicks.
Contains thousands of free downloadable fonts for both PC and MAC. Offers a fully searchable and browsable database as well as links to other free font and clipart Web resources.
Service previously known as DesignShops.com, which has now evolved into two services. The New Architect is a weekly newsletter of business strategies for web design, and Firm Finder is a fully searchable directory of American web solution and eBusiness initiative firms.
Collection of tutorials on creating Web pages covering HTML, JavaScript, cascading style sheets, CGI, and Perl. Features articles on design issues such as quick
loading pages, promotion, advertising, graphics, and site maintenance, and includes a selection of free images, backgrounds, animations, clipart, and icons.
Discusses the rationale and technical requirements for disseminating Internet pages to as wide an audience as possible, developing a set of guidelines for increasing accessibility. Also examines techniques for creating and managing Web pages.
Set of articles about web page design and usage, user behaviour, web navigation, frames and related user interface issues.
Information on Web page creation, focusing particularly on design mistakes. Features a tour of bad Web design, and a collection of links to resources on topics including navigation, content, JavaScript, frames, links and marketing.
Defined as a hybrid of an encyclopaedia and a portal, EncycloZine provides information on arts, humanities, science and technology. Features a section on Web design and development and also includes games, puzzles, quizzes and discussion forums.
General introduction to Web content creation for a library Web service, describing newer technologies and explaining concepts and terminology. Includes sections on multimedia, HTML authoring tools and metadata, and provides links to associated resources.
Offers original articles and features about graphic design, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include advice on web design, fonts and graphic design packages.
Allows users and Web designers to check how Web pages will appear to users suffering from three types of colour blindness
deuteranope, protanope, and tritanope. Also includes an FAQ on colour blindness.
Journal aimed at electronic publishers. Issues discussed include Web design, server management, pricing and policy questions.
Articles and features describing the process of creating personal Web pages, with annotated links to relevant Internet resources. A subject
specific discussion forum, and details of related news and events are also available. Amongst the topics covered are graphics creation, dynamic HTML, Webcams, search engines, and page design tools. All resources are selected by a subject specialist.
A collection of links and information about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web, such as access, animation, design, speed, navigation, multimedia, searching, applets, frames and style sheets.
Offers best practice guidelines for writing about online collections, highlighting fundamental differences between Web and print media. Includes sections on audience accessibility, assessing readability, writing for disabled people, and captioning images.
News, tools and tutorials for webmasters developing and managing Internet multimedia content.
Information about the HTML Writers Guild which exists to help its members improve their skills in the craft of web design through cooperation and shared experience. Includes online resources for areas such as HTML, design, business and web servers.
A selection of articles on a range of web authoring and design topics such as HTML, JavaScript, style sheets, fonts, graphics, navigation and usability. Includes sections on multimedia, eCommerce, development and management.
Version two of Guidelines for UK Government Web pages, available in Word, plain text, and PDF. Summarises the key points and highlights changes from the first version.
Offers guidance for those already involved with design and typography for conventional print who want to produce web pages. Included details of web page size, fonts, graphics, colour palettes and page navigation.
Bibliographic details of books about Adobe Photoshop and Web graphics, together with reviews and ratings. Titles are separated into general publications, teaching guides, and speciality books addressing special effects and plug
Short overview of key points in Web page design, covering HTML standards, graphics, navigation, length, gimmicks and maintenance.
Tutorials, articles and advice about the use of HTML in web authoring, including frames, graphics, layout, table design and cross
platform compatibility.
A program designed to help make Web pages accessible to those with disabilities. It will also find HTML compatibility problems that prevent pages from displaying correctly on different browsers.
Guides to a range of Web related topics such as basic and advanced HTML, Web graphics, page layout and design, digital photography, and desktop publishing, rated according to suitability for beginning, intermediate, or advanced users.
Source of information on interactive and electronic media, including reviews of books and journals, a guide to web design and full text articles. Provides a collection of annotated links to Internet usage statistics and to websites which exploit new media.
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