Web site development and W Guide - Resources and Review

Covers the decisions and processes needed to produce good learning and teaching video suitable for broadcasting on the Web. Principles are taken from the JISC
funded Click and Go Video project completed in July 2002. The full report can be downloaded in PDF format, as can individual sections.
News and advice for Webmasters, editors and developers.
Articles and features describing the process of creating personal Web pages, with annotated links to relevant Internet resources. A subject
specific discussion forum, and details of related news and events are also available. Amongst the topics covered are graphics creation, dynamic HTML, Webcams, search engines, and page design tools. All resources are selected by a subject specialist.
Set of five easy lessons, intended to show how to generate a plan for conducting business over the Internet, create a site design that caters for online customers, deal with things like credit cards, tax, and security; and decide whether to build, buy, or rent an electronic commerce service. Some information is specific to the US.
A selection of articles on a range of web authoring and design topics such as HTML, JavaScript, style sheets, fonts, graphics, navigation and usability. Includes sections on multimedia, eCommerce, development and management.
Guides to a range of Web related topics such as basic and advanced HTML, Web graphics, page layout and design, digital photography, and desktop publishing, rated according to suitability for beginning, intermediate, or advanced users.
Described as 'the search engine for people who build the Web', this is an index to the contents of selected sites holding information for Web developers and programmers, such as Netscape and W3C. It is possible to select by site or subject, such as HTML, scripting and design.
Magazine offering solutions for Internet and Web developers, with a complete archive of online articles.
Information about a set of software applications designed to facilitate the creation of digital resources. Covers HTML, MS PowerPoint, MS FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Macromedia Flash, and Macromedia Shockwave, and offers tips on how to locate images, sounds, and video for use on personal Web pages. Bibliographic details of related titles held at the university library are listed.
Open Studio provides information of use to advanced Web developers. Includes articles, dynamic HTML, Java, JavaScript, technical manuals, sample code, and white papers.
Service promoting the accessibility of Web pages to those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. Includes a database with information about products such as listening devices, backrests, glare filters, Braille equipment, speech synthesisers, and magnification aids. A selection of related articles and projects are also given.
Online book with chapters covering Internet entrepreneurs, scalable systems for online communities, static site development, publicising Web resources, running a server, user tracking, database management systems, and e
Offers best practice guidelines for writing about online collections, highlighting fundamental differences between Web and print media. Includes sections on audience accessibility, assessing readability, writing for disabled people, and captioning images.
Set of articles, tools, and tips relating to the Web, covering topics such as authoring, programming and scripting, graphics and design, servers, and business.
A guide to promoting Web sites with ideas on how to attract visitors and generate hits. Includes a marketing newsletter, Gazette, and guest tutorials with promotional tips.
A program designed to help make Web pages accessible to those with disabilities. It will also find HTML compatibility problems that prevent pages from displaying correctly on different browsers.
Considers terminology typically understood by users in order to inform Web developers of the most appropriate labels to use when designing a library Web resource. Usability testing has shown, for example, that 'Find Articles' is a more successful label than 'Library Catalogue' when inviting patrons to search for material. A list of best practices in the area is presented.
A library of programs intended to offer solutions to the basic scripting needs for Web pages, with instructions for tasks such as setting up image maps, guest lists, redirections, and page access counters. There is also a server extensions library and a Java library.
Article describing ways to make Web content, particularly multimedia resources, more accessible to users with disabilities. Covers issues such as navigation, format of material, colour, clarity, natural language and transformation of pages. Available in several formats including plain text, PDF and HTML.
Information about a software package useful for creating Internet based exercises such as interactive multiple choice, jumbled sentences, gap
filling and crosswords. Offers tutorials on how to use Hot Potatoes with Windows and Macintosh, and provides examples of Web pages which have been created using the software. Hot Potatoes can be downloaded free.
A guide for language teachers to use HTML, Javascript and CGI to design interactive language learning tools. Examples are provided.
An organised collection of tutorials, examples, and links for webmasters and Internet developers who are creating web sites with HTML, CGI, Java, JavaScript, graphics, VRML, multimedia and animation.
Directory of tutorials and free resources for building Web sites, including CGI and DHTML scripts, tips for using HTML, fonts, icons, and clipart.
Collection of DreamWeaver resources, aimed at Web developers. Provides links to tutorials and related client and server technologies such as JavaScript, CGI scripts, ColdFusion, PHP, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and Oracle.
Database of commercial product descriptions relevant to the Internet and Web development, arranged in over 40 categories.
Websmith addresses issues faced by web site developers and Web page authors, including how to configure servers, select authoring tools and select CGI scripts.
News, reviews, software, guides and tutorials to recent Web developments, including CSS, DHTML and XML, divided into fourteen browsable categories, plus a developers' forum.
The SpeecHTML software allows users to access Web pages over the telephone, instead of via a Web browser. This is commercial software with demonstrations and free trials available.
Guide to creating a Web site, considering goals, audience, content, and available resources. Describes the process of computer
based communication, the advantages of publishing, registration with search engines, using bandwidth, and adopting standards. Also explains how to manage files, format words, create pictures, and add colour and links using HTML.
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