Wind instruments and W Guide - Resources and Review

Extensive index of accordion links, covering ethnic music, festivals, magazines and societies, and accordion related quotations from novels and poems.
Annotated index to accordion, concertina and other free reed instruments information.
Offers reviews, articles, a saxophone buyer's guide, interviews, an extensive list of saxophone links and access to saxophone pictures, sounds and MIDI files.
Collection of flute related articles including topics such as 19th century performance techniques, correct fingering for high B flat and the fingering of trills in late 18th and early 19th century music.
Article offering information about the invention of the concertina at the beginning of the 19th century, and its inventor Charles Wheatstone. Provides details of his business of general musical instrument sales and manufacture, images of prototype concertinas, and others depicting the instrument's evolution over the years. Also documents the design and development of the Wheatstone aeola.
Offers information relating to the transverse flute, and flute
playing in Western Europe and America over the past 800 years. Includes a flute timeline, a guide to famous flautists, and details of instrument manufacturers.
Resource offering guidelines on how to maintain and repair brass and woodwind musical instruments. Gives information about technicians, an email based newsletter, new and used instruments for sale, and tips on the upkeep of French horns, flutes, and clarinets in a section entitled '101 Ways'.
Information service about all aspects of the accordion and free
reed bellows instruments aimed at accordionists, enthusiasts, accordion businesses and organisations. Offers an Accordion Yellow Pages database, listings and news.
Information for professional and amateur clarinettists, including composition and discography databases, equipment, MIDI files and articles.
Bibliographies offering both primary and secondary sources relating to the oboe and the bassoon, organised in chronological order.
Information about the oboe and bassoon including articles, bibliographies, news, composers, recordings, discographies, reviews and other resources.
Access to online catalogue for locating and purchasing sheet music, books, recordings, videos and saxophone accessories. Also offers an information exchange forum and saxophone related news.
Annotated index of fingerings for instruments in the bassoon family gathered from UK wind periodicals and other publications.
Links to recorder related news, articles, bibliographies, makers and repairers, composers and publishers.
Atricles on various aspects of flute playing, such as tone, preparing an 18th Century sonata, Bach flute sonatas and the intonation of the modern flute.
Guide to the pronunciation of flute related names. Each name has been recorded by a native speaker of the language (French, German, Hungarian or Russian), and phonetic transcriptions of the names are also provided.
Variety of information on the reed organ, audio clips, the Reed Organ Society and links related organ resources.
Worldwide organisation of double reed (oboe and bassoon family) players, instrument manufacturers and enthusiasts. Site offers news and information on publications, conferences, fingerings and access to the Journal of the International Double Reed Society.
Information about the educational and cultural organisation dedicated to the advancement of the free
reed instruments (such as the accordion, concertina, harmonium, reed organ and harmonica). Offers news, articles and reviews.
Collection of articles and essays featuring classical free
reed instruments and performers.
Large number of flute related resources including a discussion group, international listings for lost and stolen flutes, articles, repertoire lists and information on prominent flautists.
Information about the aeolian harp, an instrument played by the wind, first constructed by the Ancient Greeks. Describes different varieties and offers some samples of sounds produced.
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