World archaeology and W Guide - Resources and Review

Provides a list of 100 cultural heritage sites around the world whose continued existence is threatened, in order to focus attention on their cultural significance, and help to raise funds for their rescue. List is arranged geographically, and accessible via a clickable map.
Harappa was an ancient city in the Indus Valley that flourished around 2500 BC. Resources include over 90 slides of the Indus Valley and 3D computer recreations of the city's gateway and surrounding topography, plus various audio and visual resources concerning South Asia in general before 1947.
Provides general information about the ancient city of Teotihuacan, access to the Internet Journal for Teotihuacan Archaeology and Iconography, and excavation reports from sites such as the Feathered Serpent Pyramid and the Pyramid of the Moon.
Reports on archaeological research into the site of Lepitiminus on the east coast of Tunisia. The location, cemeteries, and economy of the area are detailed, and images illustrate its structures, a grave, and a skeleton, exposed as a result of excavations.
Archaeological project to investigate the Iron Age sites of the Central Limpopo River Valley, situated in the Northern Province of South Africa. Offers images, background information and descriptions of finds, which include a figurine of a rhinoceros made of gold foil on a soft core.
Presents a timeline of events relating to the uncovering and translation of fragmentary manuscripts found in limestone caves on the left bank of the Dead Sea in 1947. The resultant debate surrounding their discovery is also documented.
Describes an archaeology research project in the Banda Islands of Eastern Indonesia. Offers maps, images, history and research results.
Instructions for randomly generating pseudo
scientific archaeological phrases, such as innate monocausal homeostasis, cyclical systemic characterisation or maximal redistributive consensus.
Multidisciplinary archaeological research project with the aim of assessing the seminal aspects of the social, cultural and technological development in the Mun River valley of Northeast Thailand. Provides descriptions of Bronze Age and Iron Age site excavations.
Issues offer articles, images, and maps which examine paleoanthropology, palaeontology, recent archaeological finds throughout the world, plant domestication, and remote sensing. A guide to archaeology resources on the Internet also features.
An exhibition at the Library of Congress on the Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship.
Set of images of maps of the city of Jerusalem, which are arranged chronologically from 565 AD (which are claimed to be the oldest detailed map in the world). The maps are accompanied by explanatory captions.
Collection of materials concerned with archaeology in the Pacific region, covering projects, excavations, conferences proceedings and finds.
The range of the Society's interests covers a wide field from archaeology of all periods and all countries to heraldry, art history, architectural history and other subjects based on the study of the material remains of the past. Information on publications, grants and bursaries and conditions of membership.
Unit established in 1976 which undertakes archaeological research and training throughout Britain and abroad.
Publishers of British Archaeological Reports which cover all areas of archaeology, all periods and most of the world. Site offers details of publications.
Collection of archaeology journals, directories, books, and research reports from Africa, North and South America, Turkey, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Near East. Topics include anthropology, ceramics, linguistics, rock art, and underwater archaeology.
Collection of materials concerned with archaeology in Australia. Includes Dating Human Colonisation of Australia, Prehistoric Australian Artefacts, Jinmium Rock Art and the Archaeology of Whaling.
Aims to collect, describe, catalogue, preserve, and provide user support for digital resources that are created as a product of archaeological research. Part of the Arts and Humanities Data Service, based at the University of York.
Satellite images of archaeological features from around the world accompanied by a collection of software resources and a bibliography of works relating to the application of satellite remote sensing to archaeology.
Integrates research from the fields of art history, epigraphy, iconography, architecture, and archaeology into the site of an ancient Mayan city in South Mexico. Contains field reports, news from the current dig, and images of carvings and inscriptions from the temples.
Images from aerial views of over 20 sites of archaeological significance in Israel, with explanatory captions.
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