World literature and W Guide - Resources and Review

Fully searchable database, which is arranged by subjects, these include science, art and theatre, and alphabetically by author, and categories from antiquity to modern. Author listings contain author information, copies of full text or bibliographies, lecture materials from Malaspina and relevant links.
A personal, selective, opinionated guide to books and to book related resources on the Internet.
Alphabetical list of links to pages by and about hundreds of authors worldwide.
Set of links to magazines publishing and reviewing modern, bohemian and beatnik verse and prose, and information on performance poetry and the art of the spoken word. Also contains biographies of authors such as Samuel Beckett, Robert Calvert, Albert Camus, Jean Cocteau, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Salman Rushdie, with links to criticisms and full texts of their works.
Celebrates the work of 20th century experimental authors such as James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Franz Kafka, and Umberto Eco who break through the barriers of normal syntax and linguistics and use prose which is hallucinatory, magical, or fantastic. Includes news of book readings and theatre and film productions, short biographies, quotations, critical papers and essays, and a set of links to full texts of postmodern writings and hyperfiction.
Extensive classified links to literature resources worldwide.
Information about significant authors hailing from Cities of Culture for the year 2000, as designated by the European Union. The public libraries of Bergen, Bologna, Brussels, Helsinki, Krakow, Prague, and Reykjavik have each contributed general and bibliographical details relating to prominent writers of their region.
An index to over 6000 online books on the Internet, with pointers to significant directories and archives of online texts.
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