World maps and W Guide - Resources and Review

Index to Internet resources in cartography, maps and GIS.
Extensive index of over 7000 resources including maps and atlases in electronic form, sellers of cartographic material, map collections, cartographic and geographical societies, departments of cartography, government cartography, libraries and literature.
Collections of general maps, and deployment maps of peacekeeping missions prepared by the UN's mapping and GIS specialists and stored as PDF files. Both collections can be browsed via a pull
down menu or on separate pages. The general maps page organises maps by region, while the peacekeeping missions map page offers mission overviews and an archive of maps from past missions.
Details of the UK national collection of cartographic materials and the holdings of the Map Library, which provides access to maps, atlases and globes of all parts of the world dating back to the 15th century. There is a collection overview, history and scope of the collections, and a bibliography of guides to the collection, but few online maps.
Collection of maps of almost all countries of the world and of numerous cities. Maps are available online and for purchase.
Collection of links to country and city maps. A variety of features such as zoom in facilities, key data, currency converters, and photographs accompany selected maps.
Small scale political and physical maps of all continents.
Involved in the sale and display of original works of the masters of cartography. Monthly auction catalogues are available.
Venture aiming to create a collection of photographs depicting scenes taken from each latitude/longitude degree intersection in the world. Publishes pictures and accompanying narratives for each confluence, and presents an interactive map pinpointing those successfully captured on film.
Set of links to selected maps, plans, atlases and cartographic resources.
Vast map collection offering access to many electronic maps.
Detailed information on specific countries from around the world, covering subjects like economy, geography, people, national anthem lyrics, national flags, and current weather conditions. Additional Web resources of relevance are also identified.
A layered vector map dataset comprising of point, line and area features. Separate datasets cover London, Britain, Europe and the rest of the world at various scales. Only available to institutes of higher education who possess a site licence.
Set of digitised maps of many types covering all parts of the world.
Collection of links to catalogues of map holdings, collections and archives, and information relating to map curatorship, history, institutions, and events.
Set of political and relief maps produced by the CIA covering Canada, all the countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean.
Set of maps produced by the CIA covering Australia, New Zealand, and all the independent countries and dependencies in the Pacific Ocean.
Set of maps produced by the CIA covering Antarctica, the Arctic region, Greenland, the Atlantic Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean islands.
Basic map of the world, with useful information on the climate, economy, government, history, people, trade, flags and major cities of individual countries. Includes a concise list of all 192 nations of the world, 57 overseas territories and dependencies, and capital cities.
Set of small scans of over 150 historical maps which can be ordered by email.
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