World travel and tourism and W Guide - Resources and Review

Basic health tips, forms, procedures, for travel within Europe and elsewhere.
Links to local, UK and international travel guides and resources.
Tourist guides to over to over 80 cities and resorts worldwide, covering attractions, accommodation, restaurants and travel, with accompanying photographs.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to tourism.
Online translating dictionaries, language introductions and travel information. Includes a Word of the Day translated into at least 50 languages.
UK section of the international travel agency for students and young people. Features online fare quotations, information on destinations and service descriptions.
Basic worldwide reference information for businesses, tourists, and researchers on individual countries' economies, defence, government, weather, geography, and population, as well as links to material covering accommodation and local services.
Fodor's trip planner allows searching for recommended hotels and restaurants according to location, price and facilities, giving a rating for each establishment. Includes Smart Travel Pages, which allow the user to create a personalised destination guide according to menu choices, covering cities all around the world.
Provides a series of travel guides to popular destinations around the world at both country and city level. Information such as landmarks, accommodation, and restaurants can be sought. General travel resources are also available including safety and security tips, health advice, and a currency converter.
A developing, searchable guide to Internet resources on hospitality, leisure, sport, and tourism. Details of Altis' policies, resource evaluation guidelines, cataloguing rules, and subject guide are given. The official launch date for the service is March 2003.
Constantly updated information on world travel, vaccinations, statistics, training and employment.
Basic reference information about every country in the world, including area, capital, population, population density, geography, language, religion, time zone, history and government, plus business and social information, including details of accommodation, addresses, climate, regions, travel, visas, passports, money, health and public holidays.
Provides detailed directions of journeys between any two given destinations in Europe or North America.
Travel information for frequent travellers. Includes the latest travel news, a list of destinations for users to choose from, guides for individual cities around the world, links to basic travel information, and a ski report for the United States.
Offers information on tourism around the world, based on the experiences of over 90,000 members.
Links to campsites in a wide range of countries, with an emphasis on the US. Includes information on park fees, amenities, phone numbers and addresses.
Database of all categories of hotels worldwide, with information about daily rates, facilities, and the chance to book directly.
Offers a brief guide to all the countries in the world, with recent news. Members of Travelocity can make travel reservations, and book flights and seats online. Membership is free.
Index of links to US international, US regional, and international and regional airports throughout the world. Also offers passenger information and a newsroom providing details of delays and security issues.
Organised by region then country, this collection of images depicts landmarks, cultural scenes, buildings, markets, and people from around the world. Photographs can be accessed via a pull down menu, or an interactive map.
Travel guide to cities and other destinations around the world, with maps and associated information.
Company providing products and services for the hospitality market. Includes training materials, books, videos, job aptitude tests and management tools.
Information on backpacking around Europe, Australia, and the Pacific. Includes details of transport, money, destinations, entry requirements, festivals, hostels, and work.
Collection of guide books covering cities in North America, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Africa. Material includes maps of each city and surrounding area, photographs, weather forecasts, information about tourist attractions, and details of popular restaurants. Hotel discounts are available.
Encyclopaedia of countries worldwide, including flags, geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communications and defence.
Offers resources for current or future students embarking on a gap year. Features information on independent travel, money matters, health and insurance, and visas and embassies.
Extensive reference work containing recent basic information about every country in the world, including details of geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues. Geographical information includes area, population, flag, maps, high and low points, co
ordinates, boundary length, border countries, climate, land use and natural resources.
Assesses the effect of tourism on the livelihoods of the poor and considers the significance of tourism in poverty stricken countries. Factors which restrict and encourage the participation of the poor in the industry are outlined, and ways in which the tourist industry can become pro
poor are suggested.
Official UK government advice for British citizens travelling abroad, to help travellers avoid trouble, especially threats to their personal safety arising from political unrest, lawlessness, violence, natural disasters, epidemics, anti
British demonstrations and aircraft safety. Includes the full range of travel advice notices, and a selection of consular information material.
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